The Radiant City

The Radiant City
„The future is not what it used to be“ Paul Valéry

What it is to live someone else's dream?
In the late 1920s when visionary architect Le Corbusier proposed his concept for "the ideal city for three million people", it represented an utopian dream to reunite man within a well-ordered environment. This reunion turned into reality in post-war Czechoslovakia (and all Eastern Bloc countries) with the massive construction of prefabricated housing estates inspired by modernistic avant-garde urban planners. Three actors, three videos and three soundtracks: the experimetal site-specific performance.
"The Radiant City" is questioning the issues of collective cohabition and "utopian realities" of past and today.


According to Le Corbusier´s utopian proposal called The Radiant City, where legendary architect searched for the concept of „ideal city for three milion inhabitans“, experimental sound performancewas created questioning a life in a post – socialistic settlements, effects of gentrification andincreasing density of population in a big cities. The perfomance is located in a giant prefabsettlement (30 000 inhabitans), directly in concrete building´s windows. Spectators, standing in frontof the house, are provided with three-channel headphones, which allows them to switch the channels during the performance, while watching three simultaneous naratives, performed by three actors. Practical experiment with perception of simultaneity, „chance- based“ generation of meaning, processes a documentary material gained from a practical research on the spot, reinterprets post-war utopian thinking about what it means to live in a big city.


Presented within Fast Fordward Festival - European festival for young regie in Dresden 2017.

Available in German or English or Czech language.

Concept: Jan Mocek, Táňa Švehlová
Cast: Philipp Schenker, Irina Andreeva, Halka Třešňáková
Producent: Sixhouses z.s.
Supported by Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Praha 14 kulturní, Art Prometheus 

Videotrailer Radiant City