Tanz im Quadrat

Award – winning experimental physical theatre performance explored an inherent violence in human agency: man versus man, man vs. woman, woman vs. woman and performers vs. audience. The radical performance was controversially received, because of an extensive usage of violence. It combined highly aesthetical images with raw existence of naked bodies. The performance researched the relationship between media (sound and image) and human body. Naked performers were remapped by their projected 1:1 scale doubles.
By blending real and virtual body, it created a hypnotic sculptures, that could be described as a „third body“. The project was awarded by festival Next Wave as a „Project of the Year“ and „Success of the Month” by the Theare Newspapers.

Performing: Jan Mocek, Jan Hofman, Pavel Martinec, Markéta Dvořáková, Michaela Žemlová
Directing: Jan Mocek, Jan Hofman