The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

Jan Mocek, *1986, works at the crossroads of theatre and visual art. His works invites spectators into an immersive enviroments offering interactivity and open interpretation. In 2010, he devised a physical theatre performance Tanz im Quadrat, awarded as the „Project of the Year“ at the ...příští vlna / next wave... festival. Since 2013 he has intensively explored urban public spaces, that became stages for his next productions. In this framework he created Play Underground (2014), an interactive site-specific videowalk located in a multistorey parking garage beneath the National Theatre in Prague.The Radiant Cities (2016-xx) is his long term artistic project consisting of several multimedia performances focused at the (post)socialistic prefab housing estates and utopian realities of past and today. His latest piece Shadow Meadow (2017) is inventing a theatrical space as a site-specific location. Jan Mocek is a member of IN-SITU - European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space. SixHouses is a production platform lead by Tana Svehlova. SixHouses provides complex production support for Jan Mocek´s projects.

15.4.2019FatherlandDivadlo Archa
25.3.2019FatherlandDivadlo Archa
27.2.2019FatherlandDivadlo Archa
30.1.2019FatherlandDivadlo Archa
28.2.2019Shadow MeadowSubmerge festival Bristol
30.11.2018Shadow MeadowNeue Liebe Berlin
19.11.2018FatherlandDivadlo Archa
10.-11.11.2018Shadow MeadowDivadlo Alfred ve dvoře 
9.10.2018FatherlandDivadlo Archa
24.-25.4.2018Shadow MeadowAlfred in the Yard Theatre
7.-8.2.2018Shadow MeadowAlfred in the Yard Theatre
13.-14.12.2017Shadow MeadowAlfred in the Yard Theatre
21.-22.11.2017Shadow MeadowAlfred in the Yard Theatre
4.-5.11.2017The Radiant CityFestival Fast Forward, Dresden DE
9.-13.10.2017Play Undergroundfestival Kukačka Ostrava
26.-27.6.2017The Radiant CityOpen Air Hradec Králové
30.-31.5.2017The Radiant CityUse the city festival
12.-13.5.2017The Radiant CityDivadelní Flóra
26.-27.4.2017The Radiant CityPlechárna Praha
season 2017Play MaeterlinckNárodní divadlo
31.10.2016Play Maeterlinck premiereNárodní divadlo
7.-8.10.2016The Radiant CityPlechárna Praha
10.-12.9.2016The Radiant CityInternational Festival Theatre
13.-15.4.2016The Radiant CityPlechárna Praha
21.11.2015Play UndergroundInternational Festival Theatre
10.-12.9.2015#youarenothereTheatre Night 2015
18.-28.6.2015Play UndergroundPQ2015
28.-29.5.2015Play UndergroundNational theatre
15.-21.4.2015Play UndergroundNational theatre

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