PLAY is a series of perfomances designed to connect a new media devices with an urban or semi-urban spaces.
In this framework was first produced Play UNDERGROUND (2014): the videowalk for three players located in an urban multi-storey parking garage.
Underground parking garage is a typical scenery for a violent action movie scenes. But what happens if the participants are asked to step into the actor´s shoes and be a part of the plot without any distance? What role within a story do they actually play? Who is the observer and who the subject of observation? What is the difference between subject and object here? Spectators are provided with iPad and binaural headphones to follow 20 minutes walk through the underground site.
Physical space is remapped by pre-recorded video, which serves as a guide through the location and at the same time unfolds the narrative of the piece. Unusual immersive experience comes out of merging real and virtual space into one independent augmented reality.
The story is made up of simple narrative combining pop-culture allusions (blockbusters, role play games)
with a mythical theme of descent ( & return) to the underworld.." The second performance within this framework was Play Maeterlinck (2017). The project was commissioned by the National Theatre in Prague and it was based on life of the writer and philosopher Maurice Maeterlinck.

Video Play Underground